Bulk SMS Marketing

Make use of our Bulk SMS Gateway for all of your SMS Marketing needs.

No email address? No problem!

You can still market your company!

You do not need to download any software and you can use it in any browser, at any time & in any place, as long as you have your login details with you.

Why Choose Us?

  • There are NO hidden costs or monthly subscriptions, what you see is what you get.
  • Our SMS Gateway is reliable, always online.
  • No additional software required, access the gateway through your browser.

Why SMS Marketing?

  • Interact with your customer on their cellphones through SMS Marketing campaigns
  • Meeting confirmations to clients & employees
  • Coupons, incentives and special offers
  • Important notices to staff members
  • Incentive messages to your sales staff
  • Product Announcements

What is the fee structure?

One credit is the equivalent of an SMS. All you need to do is work out how many SMS's you would like to send out and pay the equivalent amount into our bank account and we will add the credits for you. As with a standard SMS, each SMS is 160 characters long, if your message is 161 characters then double the credits will come off of your account.

Rand Value Purchase Estimated Number of Credits Price per SMS (excl VAT)
R 0 – R 1 450 1 – 4 83030c
R 1 451 – R 2 900 4 831 – 10 00029c
R 2 901 – R 4 350 10 001 – 15 53528c
R 4 351 – R 5 800 15 536 – 21 48027c
R 5 801 – R 7 250 21 481 – 27 885 26c
R 7 251 – R 8 700 27 886 – 34 800 25c
R 8 701 – R 20 000 34 801 – 83 33024c

For example, if you deposit R1500.00 into our bank account then we will deduct tax from that which will leave you with R1315.78. We will then allocated 4385 credits to your account (1315.75/0.3).

Is this your first time?

Visit this link and fill in all your details: http://bulksms.easy2access.co.za/SignUp.aspx. You will need to deposit money to obtain credits and once the credits have been allocated to your account, you can begin SMSing. Simple as that!

Need some help?

Give us a call on 086 111 1056 and a member of our Team will assist you.

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