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Are you losing business and being penalised by Google? This may be because you don’t have SSL certificates! Google is currently pushing online retailers and service providers to get SSL certificates to keep online consumers’ information safe. Want to find out more about SSL certificates and what they can do for your website? Read on…

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates are used to keep information like bank card details, addresses, and other sensitive data safe when they are sent between users and sites, e.g. credit card transactions and online sales. The protection the SSL provides means this information is encrypted so that only the designated recipient will understand it. Having this security is incredibly important, as the data customers send over the internet travels between different computers to get to a destination server. If there is no SSL certificate, sensitive information can be seen by any PC as it travels between the computer of origin and the server.

How Does an SSL Certificate Work?

An SSL certificate uses high-level encryption to render information unreadable to everyone except for the server for which it’s intended. This protects consumers and web users from online fraud, hackers and identity thieves, allowing users to navigate, shop and do online banking safely on the web. SSL certificates are data files that bond a cryptographic key to a company’s details. The SSL certificate is installed on a web server, which triggers the padlock and the https protocol. This gives the user a secure connection from a web server to a browser.

Why is Website Security Important?

The web is huge and nebulous, and there are significant risks to data safety when using it. Consumers need to know that their details are heading to the right place and not into the hands of fraudsters. Which is why in addition to encryption, a decent SSL certificate provides authentication. What this does is ensure data is being sent to the right server not an imposter.

SSL certificates will also:

Data Safety: SSL Certificates Build Trust

Most people are leery of handing out personal information or financial details to service providers they don’t know or haven’t used before. Buying and completing transactions online have been a leap of faith for many. Creating trust can be done through brand marketing, but when it comes to online sales, people may click away from your site if they don’t feel safe or think their security could be compromised. This is why SSL certificates are crucial – they tell users on your site that if they put down sensitive information, it won’t be in danger of being stolen or used in identity fraud.

How to Get an SSL Certificate

SSL providers only issue certificates to online companies that have under gone thorough vetting. If you’re looking to get your site certified, the company who develops and hosts your website will be able to offer you the option to have SSL certificates added. Choosing a good web hosting and web development company will allow you to make sure you’re getting the best security for your website, so you can give your users a safe and reliable experience.
Looking to set up a secure and successful website for your business? Get an SSL certificate! Contact our team of specialist web developers today…