18th March 2015

Why use a Professional SEO Company?

Have you ever wondered why you should use a professional SEO Company? Search Engine Optimization, generally recognized as SEO, is the process of optimizing your score […]
16th March 2015

What are you sharing online?

In the digital age of Social media, online banking, online shopping, spamming and identity theft, it is becoming increasingly imperative to be careful of protecting ourselves […]
16th March 2015

Do You Love your Website?

When last did you have a good look at your Website? Do you Love it or hate it? Are you able to search for it and […]
16th March 2015

Why does your Website need the help of an SEO company?

If you are serious about implementing result-driven SEO strategies to get good online exposure, it is recommended that you hire the help of an SEO company that has a good history of Website practices. The top SEO companies understand exactly how to get targeted traffic to websites. It is extremely important that they understand your business and your target customers before developing an effective SEO strategy.

16th March 2015

New Facebook change will affect your page – what does it mean?

Over the past few days there have been many posts about Facebook removing likes from Business pages. We were sceptical at first, we all know how many times rumours are posted on Facebook which then gets users into a flutter only for the post/story to turn out to be a rumour. We ignored the posts at first and as they started appearing more and more in newsfeeds, we thought it was time to investigate.

13th February 2015

Points To Consider Before Selecting An SEO Company in Durban

Search Engine Optimization when performed correctly will enhance the position of a website on prominent search engines such as Google and Bing. Invest some time when looking for a SEO firm to help your website achieve a top ranking position. Many companies will make vague promises of a top position in search engine giant Google within a short period. It is essential that you know how to tell if the firm is indeed the best associate for your business requirements. The advantages of gaining higher ranking cannot be overlooked as it makes your site more noticeable to web users.