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21st July 2017
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30th August 2017
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PPC Marketing

How many of these small business marketing basics are you covering for your business? There are two main schools of thought when it comes to driving traffic to a business website; whether to utilise organic search engine optimisation, or paid advertising.

Paid advertising, like Google PPC marketing, is able to deliver traffic rather quickly – but costs more than the slower organic approach to website traffic acquisition. Let’s take a look at what Google PPC marketing is, the benefits it can offer a business, and how to start PPC marketing for your company…

What is Google PPC?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a method of internet marketing where you bid on specific keywords that potential clients are searching for, and once they search for the keyword/keyphrase, your advert is shown above the organic search results with a little ‘AD’ icon next to the green link. You only pay each time someone actually clicks on the advert, and if your PPC manager is skilled – you can bid on highly searched keywords at low costs per click to maximise your click-through quantities.

The Business Benefits of PPC Marketing

Still not sure if Google PPC marketing is for your business? Have a look at four reasons PPC marketing is so useful to businesses:

PPC Marketing is Fast

With top quality paid advertising marketing platforms like Google AdWords, you can set up an account and create adverts within a matter of minutes!

Generate Quick Web Traffic with PPC

If you are clever with your bidding, and you have a large spend budget, you can land top placements where online searchers will see your advertisement first.

PPC Marketing is Flexible

Market conditions are ever changing, and paid advertising platforms need to be able to adapt on the go. With Google’s PPC marketing platform, your pay-per-click campaigns can be adjusted within minutes.

Cheaper Marketing with PPC

The cost per click for keywords relating to your industry can vary from a few cents, to hundreds of Rands per click. Skilled PPC managers are often able to find golden keywords that cost next to nothing, making PPC marketing cheaper on average than most other paid marketing channels.

Google PPC Marketing Management in Durban

As you read this, millions of Google searches are taking place for a range of different products and services all over the world. Google PPC marketing has become a marketing necessity in this super competitive economic climate, and as a certified Google Partner – Easy2Access is able to handle your entire PPC marketing strategy (from conceptualisation to implementation). For professional PPC marketing management in Durban, get in touch with us here!