The Differences Between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

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1st June 2017
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14th July 2017
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The Mad Men-era of hard copy and broadcast marketing has waned with the rise of digital marketing and social media. For one, account executives don’t sit in offices sipping (as much) bourbon to get inspiration for the next big ad project. But there are some other key differences between the Golden Era of advertising that the hit TV show depicts and contemporary digital marketing. Take a look…

What Traditional Marketing is and How it Works

• Includes radio adverts, billboards, leaflets and magazine adverts
• Billboards and printed marketing have limited space for content, which means messages are created to be succinct, easy to understand and processed quickly
• Hard copy marketing is familiar because it has been used prolifically throughout the ages and people of all ages are comfortable with it
• A Bangor university research proposal revealed that physical material is more easily remembered as it is more ‘real’ to the brain, i.e. it occupies space and has meaning in connection to the tangible world.

The Limits of Traditional Marketing Campaigns

• Expensive to produce – printing and distribution costs can mount up
• Customers can’t engage as easily with this kind of marketing
• Hard to quantify and analyse results of a traditional marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing for Your Business

• With a variety of marketing channels from Facebook to YouTube, your business can target a wider audience both locally and internationally
• The content you produce can be tailored per the analytics you receive from campaigns, so you can develop more effective marketing strategies in the future
• Digital marketing allows for interaction which encourages people to act (call now, buy your product etc.)
• Consumers can share your blogs, content and adverts with their online networks, giving your marketing campaign greater reach
• It is cheaper overall than traditional marketing and has lower barriers to entry.

Is Digital Marketing Right For You?

• Digital marketing is time consuming! Brand accounts have to be managed on a daily basis and maintained meticulously to gain a following and create interest among consumers.
• You are competing against thousands of other brands and the millions of voices clamouring for recognition on the web – standing out from the melee can be very hard
• Once it’s on the internet, it’s out there forever – digital marketing is instant and content can spread virally, and any mistakes will be judged by the world’s online community, and can damage your brand irreparably.

Which Should You Use: Traditional Marketing or Digital Marketing?

For SMEs and start-ups, the budget for marketing is limited and choosing the right marketing strategy is crucial because there’s less room for experimentation or failure. While including a balance of both traditional and digital marketing will achieve best results, digital marketing offers small businesses an excellent platform to begin building a brand and generating sales leads.

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