Don’t be a victim of Ransomware!

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6th August 2015
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What is the cost of Internet security?

What is the cost of Internet security?

What is the cost of Internet security?

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a category of malware which disables the functionality of your computer by restricting your access to your computer in some way. Then, it demands a ransom to be paid to the malware author to restore the system’s functionality. The ransomware program usually locks a computer and displays various law enforcement images to intimidate and extort money from victims. In addition to locking you out of your computer, some ransomware will encrypt and hide your personal files so that you don’t have access to them anymore.

How To Protect Your Computer Against Ransomware

In order to protect your computer from Ransomware you can follow these few rules below that are used to prevent malware attacks.

  1. Always backup your data: Whether it’s a ransomware or any other malware attack, there’s always a possibility of losing your data. Backup your data on a regular basis and keep those files in a secure place away from your computer so that you can restore it in the event of data loss.
  2. Think before you click: Do not open email attachments that you were not expecting or click on links on suspicious websites. If you see an email from a company that is trying to get you to open an attachment to receive something like money or a parcel, ignore that email because it may be an attempt to get you to install bad software.
  3. Secure your PC: Make sure your computer is protected with anti-virus/anti-malware software.
  4. Stay up-to-date: Make sure that all of your security programs, operating systems and other applications are up-to-date. Older depredated software is more vulnerable or more likely to be targeted. Also, make sure that automatic updating is turned on.
  5. Don’t pay: If you believe that you are a victim of a ransomware attack, do not panic and, more importantly, do not pay. Even if you make the payment, there is no guarantee that your computer’s functionality or its data will be restored.


Please remember that ransomware, or any other malware for that matter, is not limited to computers or Windows. For all around security, ensure that you keep all of your devices protected.