Five Essential Digital Marketing Activities

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1st September 2017
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5th October 2017
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According to Smart Insights, an online marketing advice provider, there are five essential digital marketing activities to be practising in 2017. Our business marketing team at Easy2Access take a closer look at these below, defining each concept and providing actionable examples you can use to boost your business marketing leading up to the festive season!

Content Marketing

Content marketing can be defined as non-promotional content (blog articles, videos, social media content) developed with the purpose of stimulating interest in a brand and its products or services. ‘Non-promotional’ means that you’re not pushing products and prices onto readers in order to gain sales, but rather speaking generally about the benefits of using the product or services.

For example, instead of writing a blog article on how amazing your specific shoe cleaner is – including the price and a link where readers can buy it – consider instead an informative article on the importance of proper shoe care. By doing this, you are offering your reader valuable ‘general information’ about shoe care, and utilise hyperlinks to drive traffic to your website or social media profile.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is broadly defined as the use of software to integrate and automate multiple marketing activities, across multiple marketing platforms. Essentially, the process involves giving third-party organisations access to your marketing avenues and profiles in order for them to perform marketing activities on your behalf – saving you valuable time and energy.

For example, the website Buffer is a marketing automation provider. With Buffer, and similar platforms, you are able to link your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media accounts together. Need to get news out to your followers ASAP? Simply type out your message, insert your graphic, and the marketing automation software will push your post to all of your linked accounts simultaneously!

Mobile Marketing

The statistics are in, and it is official! More than half (52%) of internet users across the globe are using their mobile devices to search for information on products and services like yours. Mobile marketing can be defined as digital marketing activities that are specifically designed for consumption through mobile devices. Google themselves have placed heavy emphasis on getting websites mobile-friendly in order to cater to the growing prevalence of mobile searches being performed.

For example, pick a website you regularly visit on a desktop PC. Type the address into your mobile phone’s internet app and load the page. How is it displaying? Can you read all of the text? Are there any images being cut off? Google, and other search engines, are now penalising websites that do not display correctly on mobile devices. By ensuring your website is mobile-friendly, your website-based digital marketing activities automatically become mobile marketing activities. Click here to get your website mobile-friendly today!

Big Data

Big data, also narrowly referred to as ‘marketing insights’, can be defined as data collected before, during and after exchanges between sellers and buyers – collected with the intention of improving the marketing process for both parties. Through the compilation of big data, marketers gain valuable insights into what consumers require, why they require it, where they’re looking for it, how often they require it, and so on. This enables marketers to build a consumer profile on their ideal marketing target, speaking to specific people with specific lifestyle needs.

For example, a contact form on your website is a big data collection tool. If your contact form allows for names, you are able to ascertain which gender visits your website the most. If you found out that more men visit your site – and you’ve designed your website with women in mind – you can use insights gained from your data analysis to cater to your larger market demographic.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is something you more than likely come across on a daily basis, and can be defined as gaining attention, interest, and consumer traffic through marketing activities performed across social media platforms. Social media marketing is an extremely effective digital marketing activity when performed correctly, and can greatly improve your brand visibility within communities.

For example, you could post a picture of a new product you just received into stock onto your Facebook profile with a link through to your website where visitors can see the product. Take your social media marketing to the next level, and reach more people in your community for free, by posting your promotional content to community pages! Just be careful not to do this too often, or you’ll be flagged as a spammer.