Five Reasons Your Website Needs an Upgrade

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3rd April 2017
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17th May 2017
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Gone are the days when websites were designed, populated with content, and left to generate sales leads – with the odd product management here and there. Your website is now a lead-generating machine, working hand in hand with search engines, that needs constant maintenance and updating. Search engine ranking is vital for the efficacy of your website, and search engine owners (such as Google) are updating their ranking and indexing algorithms every few months. Keeping your website relevant in these fast-changing times is imperative for your brand’s digital marketing success. Let’s look at five reason your website needs an upgrade today…

Your Website is Copy Heavy

A common mistake companies make when developing their websites is to include too much information on each page. While you might be looking to educate people on your products and services, they wouldn’t have found your website if they didn’t already know what they were looking for. People aren’t that into reading anymore and too much copy, especially on your home page, will either bore them to sleep or prompt them to look for a simpler website with less ‘fluff’ in terms of written copy. Keep your copy to the point, short and sweet – keeping the reader’s attention as they navigate your website.

You Have No Blog

Is your business blogging? It should be! A blogging platform is an essential marketing tool that serves to drive potential customers to your website with feature articles on your offered services – with links to your website. A business blog lets you provide in-depth information on your products and services, allowing you opportunity to develop lengthier copy than what you should have on your website. Think of your website copy as the ‘book review’ and your blog articles as the chapters. While you can set up a separate blog for your business, consider adding a blog page to your website – this allows you to host information on your actual website which can benefit your search ranking substantially.

Your Website Loads Slowly

How long does your search engine take to load your website from when you click on the homepage link? While search engines do not give us an exact loading speed after which they begin to penalise websites, the general rule of thumb for South African websites is to aim for a loading speed of no more than five seconds. Google announced late in 2016 that this year would be the year of the mobile device, and because websites load slower on mobile phones and tablets due to inferior processing speed as compared to laptops and desktop computers, website owners now need to regard the mobile loading speed of their websites as more important than their PC loading speed. If your website’s loading speed is lacking, you might want to consider a website upgrade!

Your Website is Void of Calls to Action

You’ve probably seen more of these than you’d like, but CTAs or ‘calls to action’ are vital components on your website. These are the little buttons spread here and there inviting you to ‘view more’, ‘click here’ or ‘find out more’. Think of your website as a walk-through of your business services for a potential client. You need to guide visitors to the sections they should see, grab their attention, and then suggest they take action by heading to the contact page to take down your number, or by submitting their details via a contact form.

Your Website is not User Friendly

The fifth and final reason your website might need an upgrade regards the general usability of your website as a whole. Let an impartial individual have a browse through your website and ask them the following questions:

  • Is the website easy to navigate?
  • Does the layout make sense?
  • Did you learn something while on the website?
  • Is the general appearance pleasing to the eye?

If your impartial reviewer of choice answers no to any of these questions, your website is not user friendly. In the digital age we currently live in, the general user experience of websites is just as important as having the correct telephone number on your contact page!

All of the above, except for not having a blog, will negatively affect the way in which search engines index and rank your website in search results. For improved click-through rates to your website, speak to our website development and SEO professionals at Easy2Access today!