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2nd June 2014
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20th June 2014
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Isn’t it amazing that more South Africans have access to mobile phones then drinking water? There are also currently more cellphones then people. This illustrates how popular mobile technology is in South Africa. There are officially more mobile phone users then people who use radios, TV or desktop personal computers. Landline phone usage figures are miniscule in comparison, only 5 million compared to roughly 29 million active mobile phone users.

The number of South Africans shopping online is growing daily. Consumers are purchasing air tickets, clothes, shoes, books, wine and much more and are enjoying their online shopping experience.

South Africans are rated fifth globally for mobile data usage. More and more people are using their mobile phones to access the internet for downloads, music, social media sites and online shopping.   Smart phone usage in South Africa has exploded in the last 3 years. Many businesses have anticipated the increase of mobile usage by consumers and have optimized their websites for mobile devices. Businesses that don’t optimize their sites for the e-commerce boom could find themselves at risk of losing customers and sales.

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