What to Look for in a Web Development Company

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17th January 2017
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In a report detailing why web projects fail, second on the list is that there are unclear definitions of the scope and requirements – a problem that can be prevented if a business and a web development company ‘click’ right from the start! It’s all about finding the right web developers for your specific business, that are able to achieve the specific goals you have set. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to web development, so here’s what to look for in a web development company…

Website Portfolio

The best way to see what a web development company can offer your business is to look at what they have done for other businesses. Much like a portfolio presented by a job seeker at an interview, any web development company worth their salt will have a list of satisfied clients’ websites that you can visit. This will give you an idea of their digital style and tone, as well as the types of companies they have serviced. Best would be to find a web development company that has clients from as many industries as possible.

Project Goals and Objectives

The most important thing a business and a web development company have to get clear from the start are the goals and objectives. Before signing any contracts a meeting should be held where you, the business owner, can lay out the goals you are trying to achieve – and the web development company can indicate whether or not they are able to facilitate these. This requires honesty from both parties, and can make or break your web development objectives.

Web Project Management

Our world runs on time, and effective time management is essential for the success of any web project. Your web development company should, once your goals and objectives are understood, provide you with a timeline depicting tasks and activities to be completed between the starting date and the date you want the objectives achieved by. This gives you an understanding of the step by step process to be taken in achieving your goals, and holds the web development company accountable.

Web Development Team

A web development company is only as good as the team it dedicates to your web objectives and goals. A great web development company will have a team of web developers, content writers, graphic designers and managers dedicated to the achievement of your specific goals and objectives. When deciding on a web development company, make sure you are assigned a dedicated liaison person to deal with. This way, you are dealing with one person and one person only – minimising the chance of information confusion and ensuring that things get done correctly the first time.

Development Capabilities

Before settling on a web development company, make sure that they can do what you want them to! If you want an initial website setup and upload, and eventually you’d like to run AdWords, make sure that your chosen web development team are able to assist you with this. Opt for a web development company that does it all – web hosting, website development, search engine optimisation, social media, blogging. At Easy2Access, we offer all of these services and more! Give us a call for a quote on all your web development requirements.