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23rd May 2017
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27th June 2017
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So, you’ve organised a website for your business. It features information about your company, as well as the products and services you offer. When searching for your company on a search engine, your website is right there at the top of the page – sweet! Now comes the real challenge; getting people who have never heard of your business to your website with an end goal of converting them into leads and eventually sales. This is done by implementing strategic marketing strategies across multiple digital platforms. Below are four ways to increase your website traffic, ensuring that people are able to easily find your website and make use of your unique services…

1. Develop a Solid Web Presence

Your web presence is more than just your website – it includes everything that appears on search result pages pertaining to your business. This includes the very powerful tool known as Google My Business. With a Google My Business account, you are able to provide searchers with important information about your business, including where your business is situated, contact information and reviews from people who have used your services. A Google My Business account legitimises your organisation in the eyes of those searching for services you offer online.

2. Use Keywords to Optimise your Website

Having well-written content on your website is good, but having well-written keyword-rich content is even better! Keywords are specific words that pertain to your specific industry and services. For example, if you sell fuzzy pink slippers on your website, your keywords could include <b>pink slippers, buy slippers online, children’s slippers, etc.</b> The trick is to know just how to include keywords into content that flows naturally – like you’re having a conversation with your website visitor. With enough mentions of the keywords <b>pink slippers</b> on your website, someone searching for pink slippers online will more than likely find your website. This is called search engine optimisation (SEO) and should be performed by a professional website content developer.

3. Add Blogs to your Website Regularly

Developing blog articles could be seen as one of the most important tools to get traffic to your website. Search engines will rank websites with lots of original, informative content favourably. By including a blog page to your website, and posting at least two original blog articles a month, your website is getting fresh content added regularly which certainly will help its search engine ranking. Remember those keywords we spoke about above? These can also be added to your blog articles, and you can link to specific pages on your website from your blog articles too. Like writing search engine optimised content, blog articles should also be written by professional SEO writers – ensuring that the content found on your website is entertaining, well-written, and optimised for internet searches.

4. Promote Your Website Content on Social Media

The more you are able to share your website content with others, the better. If you’re not already using social media networking for your business, take this as a sign that you should be. Through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – you are able to share your blog articles and service offerings with thousands and thousands of people in your area. The best way to go is to enlist the services of professional digital marketers who can develop content for your website, write original informative blog articles, and manage your social media accounts – sharing fresh content on your behalf for maximum website exposure.

Website Traffic-Boosting Marketing in Durban

Running your own business is tough enough as it is, without having to worry about driving traffic to your website. That’s where a dedicated digital marketing company comes in! Entrust your digital marketing campaigns to online marketing professionals who make it their business to grow your business. Click here to get in touch with Easy2Access, and discover how we can improve your website traffic with holistic online marketing solutions, including the marketing strategies above, tailored to your specific needs and budget.