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30th March 2017
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We’ve all been there – multiple incorrect password entries bar us from social media accounts, leaving us locked out. You stand to face serious backlash to your brand’s online reputation when the accounts you’ve become stranded from are for your business’s social media pages. Read more…

Protect your Social Media Currency

We feel like chumps when we have to tell friends, “Lost password, new account…add me again please!” when account recovery has failed us. But what happens when you’re left unceremoniously failing to hack into your own business accounts? Your social media pages are banks housing all your social media currency – followers, friends, content, campaigns and the brand presence you have worked painstakingly to establish. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was a rock-solid social media marketing profile. Losing an account means starting over and re-investing a significant amount of time and money. Continuity is essential and so is keeping passwords safe.

Here are three practical ways to save your brand’s online presence and organise your digital social life…

Back to Basics: Write Your Passwords Down

You might think writing down your passwords is the equivalent of keeping money under your mattress – something paranoid, but misguided, luddites do. It’s not; it’s a sensible solution to keeping track of passwords. Your business probably has systems for protecting sensitive paperwork as it is, and writing passwords down is no different. Treat lists with a high degree of security by keeping passwords in a safe place and shred old dossiers when you change them. Don’t keep passwords and account username details together in case your documents are compromised.

Use Google, Facebook or Twitter Login

Most of us have been guilty of using the same password for online accounts, much to the IT department’s disgust. This may be an easy way to avoid collecting hundreds of passwords, but it means if you forget that password you’re up the proverbial creek without a paddle. A better way to cut down on passwords is to set up and link social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, using your Google or Facebook account to login. Not every site will let you do this, but most of the big social networks will. This gives you options if you do lose one of your login sites’ passwords.

Subscribe to Password Managers

In the past few years, online password storage has got more sophisticated. In addition to being able to manage your passwords in your browser with built-in tools, you can use subscription password managers. Think of password managers as virtual storage lockers (or keychains) for passwords. Your passwords are protected by your master password and an AES-256 bit encryption. It also lets you organise other data including credit card numbers or information for website forms. Some good password managers to try include:

  • 1Password – save your passwords and log in to sites with a single click
  • Dashlane – one solution that is simple, secure and universal
  • Apple’s iCloud Keychain – a cloud-based password, private key and certificate management software
  • LastPass – remember one master password and keep the rest locked up and easy-to-find.

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