Google PPC Marketing

Easy 2 Access is a certified Google Partner

Easy 2 Access is a Certified Google Partner, which means that our staff have passed the Google AdWords Exams and have a long and successful history with Google AdWords.

With over 5 billion searches on Google every single day, Google Marketing is no longer a marketing option but a marketing necessity. PPC Marketing is a great way to reach people that are actually looking for you. There are two main reasons that we love Google PPC.

Your advert only shows when someone searches for one of your keywords. This means you are reaching your exact target market.
You only pay when someone actually clicks your advert. This is fantastic as you only pay for people who are actually going to your website.

PPC is a simple concept, Ted searches for Suzuki Motorbikes, Thabo’s Bike Shop is running a PPC campaign with the keyword “motorbike”. Thabo’s ad shows just above the organic listings, and when Ted clicks the ad Thabo only pays for the click.

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