SEO or PPC? – How to choose for results

Understanding SEO & PPC
22nd July 2015
Google Analytics – The Answers to your Questions
6th August 2015
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Following on from our previous article we thought it important to discuss how to choose between SEO or PPC for website traffic results.

SEO and PPC can drive traffic to your website. Choosing which one to go with will depend on your initial needs and budget. The main difference between these internet marketing methods is time. It is also wise to assess your business competition.

PPC will get traffic to your website immediately and you only pay for traffic to your site. This can be an extremely effective campaign if you have a limited promotion or sale. You can reach a targeted audience using specific keywords that you want to rank for as well as geo-graphical location. Any change in Google Algorithms will not affect your PPC campaign. (You pay, you will be displayed). Your Ad will be displayed above or on the left side of the 1st organically ranked website. The only downside to PPC will be in the event of you being in a highly saturated sector where there is a lot of competition for certain keywords. This can drive your PPC costs up. Once you stop paying for your ads, your website will not be displayed in searches.

SEO is often the best strategy to use for long term results and future organic rankings. SEO takes time. These natural results are shown under the PPC ads. On-going SEO best practices can prove to be worth the investment as over time it can bring you free, targeted traffic. Most people tend to click on organically ranked websites as opposed to PPC ads. A good SEO strategy tells search engines the location of your company, the services you perform as well as the products you offer. You should over time begin to see your company displayed when you are performing a keyword related search. You company may even begin to be displayed in map results. Other factors that are important for organic results include if your website correctly built, user friendly and optimized for the latest algorithms. Speed, quality content and links will also make a difference in your natural ranking position.

Using both SEO and PPC will produce effective results but we understand that each client’s needs differ. For those with a small budget wanting instant results, we would recommend starting with PPC and then over time including SEO in your budget. SEO is definitely the way to go for long term results.

We would love you to give us a call, email us or even pop in for a cup of coffee to discuss which strategy would work best for you.