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In this modern age of digital everything, organisations that want to succeed and be around for many years to come should seriously be looking into social media marketing (if they aren’t already). Social media marketing, however, requires social media management – a full time undertaking that is best left to professional digital marketers. If you’re taking the social media reins yourself, here are social media management basics – from us to you!

Understand the Capabilities

Just like a recipe for chocolate cake that requires specific ingredients to result in the best possible outcome – a yummy chocolate cake – so too should a professional social media manager understand fully the ‘ingredients’ required for an effective social media posting strategy.

Each social media platform will have different character limits, image preferences, and general posting guidelines. Posting a post that does not adhere to the specific social media platform’s terms of use could result in catastrophic outcomes for the brand – including a permanent ban from the platform and even lawsuits.

Nobody understands social media like a social media management team; and nobody has a better social media management team than a digital marketing firm!

Be Unique, Be Yourself

The next facet of social media management to keep in mind is to always try and be unique. With millions of social media users in this country alone, and many more the globe over, there’s a pretty good chance that consumers have seen what you’re offering a million times before. If a communication message can be described as ‘normal, standard, run-of-the-mill, or tried-and-tested’ – don’t post it!

To truly grab and hold the attention of social media followers, you want to be putting out communication material that has not been seen before, that is unique and that comes from you personally. It is this human element of social media management that sets the really good social media marketing campaigns apart from the mediocre ones.

It’s Not All About Sales

One thing many social media management teams forget is that social media marketing is marketing – but it’s not all about getting sales. Twenty years ago, ‘salesy’ adverts and communication messages were effective. Nowadays, people know when they’re being influenced into buying something, and as soon as they pick up on that tone – you’ve lost their interest. Think about your social media platforms as networking tools more than sales tools. You want to have conversations with your social media followers, not sales pitches.

Leverage your social media presence to engage with your customers, and any information they might require should be available on your website. Link to your website on social media platforms and you’ll be nudging customers along the sales funnel – instead of throwing products into their faces off the bat.

Get Used to Random Wins

Social media is a bit of a gamble. Well, not if you’re utilising paid advertising, but organic promoting is always going to be a trial and error sort of method. Factors that can contribute to the success or failure of a social media marketing campaign include how many followers your business has, how interesting the topic is you are talking about, how sought-after your products and services are, as well as the time and day that you decide to communicate on social media.

Random wins mean that you actually need to plan more than a few social media communication campaigns, and monitor the performance of each. This way, you can tell when is best to post content, as well as what content is most appealing to your followers. This information will give you a sort of blueprint for a successful social media campaign, and increase the efficacy chances of any future social media marketing activities you undertake.

Social Media Management Solutions in Durban

Social media management, and marketing over social media platforms, is a task most business owners will leave in the capable hands of a dedicated social media manager or digital marketing firm. Should you wish to experience what effective social media management can do for your business, feel free to get in touch with Easy2Access right here for more information!