How Social Media Management grows your business

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21st September 2017
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Social Media Management

“It’s just something kids use!” and “It’s hardly a business tool!” were the early sentiments towards social media and it proved to be a poor assessment of one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses today – if managed correctly. Adopting an effective social media strategy and practising optimum social media management will primarily increase brand awareness and promote relationships with consumers. If you think the aforementioned primary benefits are enough to consider integrating effective social media management into your marketing strategy; then let’s explore these and three others in the ABC (and D & E) of how social media management can grow your business.

A is for Awareness

Awareness is the alpha benefit and with good reason. Brand awareness is often the difference between a good company and a successful company because the more people who know about your brand, the more successful your company will be. That being said, where do most people congregate simultaneously? Social media platforms. Exposing your brand to the masses online will generate enough exposure to upgrade your business from ordinary to extraordinary – practising good social media management will keep it there.

B is for Building Credibility

Consumers are becoming more discerning and thus more sceptical, therefore, there is no commodity more valuable to a discerning sceptic than legitimacy. Current trends indicate that consumers are more inclined to buy from companies who have social media presence because it promotes the legitimacy of the company by opening lines of communication necessary for filing complaints, asking questions and practising general customer service.

C is for Creating Your Own Press

No designated PR team? No problem. Effective social media management coupled with an effective social media strategy will promote sharing and re-sharing articles, posts, blogs and information relating to your business; resulting in a cost-effective PR machine. Best part is, all press related information will be stored in one central place, your social media profile.

D is for Developing Your Brand

First impressions count, especially for start-ups and small businesses. Effective social media management is effective for companies lacking the budget to recruit a branding agency or a dedicated brand manager to develop the brand. Practising effective social media management will prove operative in developing the tone and voice a company wants to adopt when communicating their brand to potential customers. It is always important to remember that more often than not, an audience develops a first impression of your brand upon acquaintance and social media is the meeting place.

E is for Engaging

They say two-way communication is the basis for any successful relationship and the rapport between a company and its customers is certainly no different. The advent of social media has torn down the geographic barriers of communication, so consumers can now have their say… and you should listen. Effective social media management will allow you to get the message loud and clear by responding to comments, complaints and questions posted on the various platforms integrated into your social media strategy.

Good news! Effective Social Media Management is close at hand.

“Social media management” is a term bandied around by companies quite simply because they are aware of the fact that they need it in the new media marketing landscape. Unfortunately, quite often companies adopt a social media strategy as a safety blanket to protect them from the changing landscape instead harnessing the power it wields when managed efficiently. In need of a social media marketing strategy and effective social media management? Visit and reap the benefits listed above, today.