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17th May 2017
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The interesting world of website professionals is a mystery to many of us. With phrases like back-end and front-end, UX and CTAs, PHP and plug-ins – it’s no wonder this industry leaves most completely in the dark and scratching their heads. Without dedicated web professionals, there would be no websites. Imaging a world without Facebook, Pinterest and the like? The stunning websites you are able to access and navigate online are built by two main players in the website development world: web designers and web developers. What is the difference between the two you ask? You’re about to find out…

What is Web Development?

Most of us own wrist watches, right? Think of web development as the department constructing the inner mechanics of a watch. They are tasked with ensuring that everything operates correctly; that all the parts function together as a whole. Web developers operate either in the back-end or the front-end of a website. The back-end is where the magic happens – lines and lines of code are typed to ensure the site operates properly and that everything is loaded up and displayed correctly when people visit it. Front-end web development takes place on the section of the website that visitors can see. Here, web developers ensure that the website design as dictated by the web designer is functioning properly – as well as whether or not there are visual elements causing other areas of the website to bug out.

What is Web Design?

Think of web designers as those creative individuals responsible for designing the look and feel of the wrist watch – and how the entire unit will resonate with and appeal to the general public. Web designers are tasked with planning the actual layout of each web page, the colours to be used, the general theme, the CTA buttons (calls to action), as well as the overall user experience (UX). Ultimately, business owners want their website to appeal to members of the public – and web designers make sure of this. In a nutshell, web developers and web designers work hand in hand to ensure that a website is functional, appealing, navigable, and offers any visitors the best user experience possible.

The Best of Both Worlds

There are those who are able to perform both web development and web design functions – and these individuals are about as common as chicken teeth. Luckily, our team at Easy2Access features two such rare website professionals! We are able to perform both web development and web design capabilities, and our successful web development projects show our efficacy in this competitive field. Need a new website? Contact us today!