What is a Website Audit?

Google Updates: Keeping SEOs on their Toes!
11th March 2016
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1st June 2016
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Have you ever come across a website with broken links, confusing navigation, error codes, spelling errors, or frustratingly slow load times? What does this reflect about that company and would you continue browsing the site or even visit it again? Not likely!  A website audit is the perfect way to determine if your site has these, or other, issues. Find out more…

Why is a website audit necessary?

Do you even know if your website is performing optimally, is set up correctly and, more importantly, does it attract business? A professional website audit will detect any problem areas so that they can be corrected. The results – a website that runs smoothly with improved organic rankings, more conversions, and traffic!

Google updates happen all the time!

In our previous blog post, we discussed some of Google’s latest algorithm updates, and how they’ve impacted on websites. According to Google, the purpose of these frequent updates is to weed out low quality sites in order to improve user experience. Google checks that a website ticks all the boxes for quality before it’s satisfied it can direct a user to that site. While these algorithm updates are good news for web users, says industry authority Search Engine Land, they’re bad news for websites with bad links, black hat SEO and poor content – Google is out to penalise these websites faster than you can say SEO!

What can you do about it?

Get your website audited! In order to evaluate your website’s health, our SEO team uses their knowledge, and the latest web tools, to check everything related to your website’s visibility and performance. This process is an accurate way to analyse whether your website measures up to the latest search engine updates. We examine each webpage and check …

  • Design
  • Coding
  • Keywords
  • ALT tags and image descriptions
  • Backlinks and broken links
  • Page speed and indexes
  • On and off-page factors
  • Content
  • URL structure
  • Meta-tags, meta-data, title tags, and…
  • Mobile friendliness.

What’s next?

Once we have completed our full website audit, Easy2Access will provide you with a clear and easy- to-understand report based on our findings. We also detail any necessary recommendations to improve the website’s performance and organic visibility.
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