What’s the Difference Between Content Creation and Content Curation?

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In the world of digital marketing, content is still king – and with good reason. The digital content we consume every day includes blog articles, infographics, images, vlogs, and podcasts. High quality content interests, informs and entertains a digital audience, and, eventually, generates leads. Did you know there are two types of content – created content and curated content? Let’s explore the differences…

What is content creation?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, creation is ‘The action or process of bringing something into existence’. This perfectly describes what content creation is – coming up with original ideas, and translating those ideas into unique content that’s relevant to your brand or business. Journalists, authors, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and online marketers are continuously creating such content because they understand that this is how best to reach out to and engage a digital audience hungry for information and entertainment. In turn, these content consumers will share new and interesting information across various digital platforms, compounding its effect. In time, the results –acknowledgement, increased traffic, lead generation and increased sales.

What makes content creation so great?

Firstly, it’s great for SEO! In What Does Organic SEO Mean?, we explained that creating rich content tailored to your particular audience is one of the very best ways to draw attention to your website. It’s no secret that Google loves new content, especially if it’s authentic, well written and stands out from the competition. Search Engine Land says ’blogging accounts for a large portion of traffic for businesses — and if you continue to create relevant, high-quality content, it will increase your rankings in the search engines’.  In other words, get creative and publish well-researched, optimised content about your business, your ideas, your services and your brand! Not only will your own fresh content belong to you, every time someone else shares it on their social channels, it’s a nod to your brand.

What is content curation?

Content curation is the finding and sharing of online information such as blogs, social media posts, publications, vlogs, and infographics related to your industry, core business or brand. The best SEO strategists regularly post original content, but not everyone has the resources or expertise to consistently come up with their own content – this is why content curation can be a lifesaver.  Although this content won’t be your ‘brainchild,’ you’ll be sharing valuable information to your audience which they may not have discovered otherwise, and why wouldn’t they appreciate that?

Why content curation can work for your marketing strategy

Content curation improves your SEO efforts with indexed pages providing paths to your own website. Another plus – by sharing content from reputable third parties, your audience will begin to associate your brand as credible and trustworthy, and you’ll come across as someone with industry expertise. Also, content curation is not as time consuming as created content – and can be a good way to ‘bulk up’ your original content efforts in your quest to boost web traffic and encourage lead generation.

Need help with digital content?

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