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3rd November 2017
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1st December 2017
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In an article titled what are unethical SEO practices, we took look at black hat and grey hat SEO techniques (using unethical ranking techniques to ‘trick’ search engines) and how these can seriously damage a website’s ranking potential.

This article takes a look at white hat SEO practices, which are considered both ethically superior and better for website ranking. White hat SEO is also aligned with the marketing trends forecast for 2018, which sees emphasis being placed heavily on connecting with target markets in meaningful ways.

So, why do we at Easy2Access use white hat SEO techniques?

You’re about to find out…

Focus is on People, not Search Engines

Effective internet marketing is characterised by two-way communication between an advertiser and the target audience.

Black and grey hat SEO practitioners don’t care about communicating with the audience – all they are concerned with is ranking a website positively (even if it means going against Google’s best practice guidelines).

The major search engines of today are far from stupid, and are able to weed out websites with black and grey hat SEO pretty quickly.

Being flagged in this manner by a search engine is like getting a criminal record – it never goes away.

We prefer to focus our SEO practices on providing customers with what they are looking for, and in doing so we’re able to improve a website’s SERP ranking simply by following the rules.

Longevity of SERP rankings

Where’s that doughnut deliveries website I saw on Google yesterday? It was right there on page 1!

We call them ‘ho ho, there they go’ websites…

Here today, gone tomorrow.

While black and grey hat SEO techniques might rank a website well for a day, a week, or even a month – as soon as the search engine picks up that there is foul play, it’s disappearing faster than it was put up.

White hat SEO, while taking longer to attain ranking success due to its organic nature, ensures longevity of SERP presence.

Would you rather be on Google’s first page, first position for a week – or on its first page, fifth position for a year?

We’d take the latter any day.

Builds Reciprocal Relationships

Here’s the BEST thing that comes out of practising white hat SEO techniques:


Think about it:

By building meaningful relationships (not simply sales transactions) with your customers, you are creating possible life-long customers that will continue to support you thanks to (in part) the positive relationship you share.

These types of relationships are built by developing online content that speaks to your customers’ wants and needs, on a person-to-person level, while always being willing to put them first.

With so many companies just like yours, doing exactly what you do, how you connect with your potential customers is a big determinant as to how well brand loyalty is built.

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